MHS ENABLE™ Platform

MHS is developing a platform for health practitioners, MHS ENABLE™, that will support improved care, engagement and patient motivation. To request a copy of the technical white paper for ENABLE™ please click here.

The platform will provide personalised nutrition and activity advice based on the patient’s personal metabolic, body composition and pathology data. Metabolic data will be acquired using indirect calorimetry, which will remove the guesswork associated with population-based energy equations currently used in clinical management.

Furthermore, for the first time practitioners will be able to assess whether patients are utilising energy from fat stores, critical for successful long-term weight management. This metabolic information can be used to customise a patient’s diet to maximise the benefits of dietary intervention.

Adoption of metabolic testing in dietary intervention programs is not yet standard clinical practice, but receives strong support from healthcare professionals and patients including the Association for the Study of Obesity, the British Obesity Society and the European Association for the Study of Obesity.

Most importantly, the platform connects the practitioner with the patient through a dedicated smartphone app that will improve the effectiveness of the clinical intervention, by increasing engagement between practitioner and patient. This has been shown to result in more effective outcomes, improved reporting, and improved patient compliance.

To request a copy of our technical white paper for ENABLE™ please click here.

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Prototype technology available: ECAL Medical Device

platform - prototype

ENABLE™ Digital Health Platform Concept

platform2 - cloud based

ENABLE™ has the potential to achieve a major shift in clinical management of overweight and obesity by providing:

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Evidence-based nutrition and activity plans based on personalised metabolic testing

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Increased engagement with two-way feedback between practitioner and patient

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Improved record keeping and monitoring by healthcare professionals

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Improved patient compliance through mHealth applications

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A large dataset which adds machine-learning capabilities for improved treatment strategies

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Non-invasive intervention and durable efficacy (e.g. long-term weight loss)

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Current customers, partners and associates

Health professionals around the world use ECAL, helping them provide better outcomes for their patients. ECAL is used by both primary practitioners (GP's, dietitians, physiologists and naturopaths) and specialist practitioners (endocrinologists, bariatric surgeons and liver specialists), as well as academic researchers and educators.

Some early ECAL customer include

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