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MHS solutions are founded on the measurement, monitoring and management of a patient’s metabolic health. To provide the metabolic measurement MHS developed ECAL, the world’s first portable metabolic monitor designed for clinical practice.

ECAL is registered as a medical device within Europe and Australia, (CE and TGA) and MHS is registered as a ISO 13485 manufacturer.

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With ECAL, an individual’s metabolic rate (or energy production) is accurately assessed using Indirect Calorimetry, the gold standard for assessing human metabolism. Information gathered from ECAL includes daily energy requirement at rest in calories, how this energy is being produced (whether from fat or carbohydrate), and the efficiency with which cells use oxygen for energy production. Such technology was previously only available to elite athletes and academic researchers.

At the heart of ECAL is exclusive software that provides individualised reports for health professionals and patients, containing key energy measurements and a unique ‘my physiologist’ database that interprets and analyses the data, and provides insight and recommendations to the practitioner and/or patient. This provides opportunities for many more groups to provide metabolic assessment through energy testing, from health professionals such as dietitians, exercise physiologists and general practitioners, to naturopaths, some fitness/sports groups, pharmacies and weight loss centres.

ECAL provides key data in both a practitioner format and an easy to understand client hand out, making it easy for patients to understand and act on their personal metabolic information.

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Using ECAL provides the practitioner with key physiological data that allows for accurate diagnosis, management and validation including the ability to:

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To perform a valid, reliable and accurate assessment of patient’s metabolic profile

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To classify a patient’s metabolism as slow, normal or fast

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To determine a patient’s use of glucose or fat to generate energy.

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To assess a patient’s mitochondrial function

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To determine the success or failure of a treatment regime to correct energy dysfunction

ECAL Testimonials

Current customers, partners and associates

Health professionals around the world use ECAL, helping them provide better outcomes for their patients. ECAL is used by both primary practitioners (GPs, dietitians, physiologists and naturopaths) and specialist practitioners (endocrinologists, bariatric surgeons and liver specialists), as well as academic researchers and educators.

Some early ECAL customers include

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