Effective weight management through metabolic health.

Obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, fatigue and infertility, are just some of the common health issues associated with a poor metabolism.

Metabolic health isn’t just about losing weight or reversing chronic disease, it has a wide range of benefits including feeling younger, better sleep and reduced pain.

MHS has the tools and expertise to accurately measure your metabolic health and design a personalised program, that will help you lose weight, gain energy and extend the healthy years of life.

The MHS Approach

MHS clinics use ECAL technology in combination with body composition testing and metabolic pathology to offer evidence-based clinical weight management at affordable prices - click here to find out more.

MHS commenced trial operations of ECAL and the MHS Clinics in 2012, in the UK and Australia. MHS currently has two Clinics established in Perth, Western Australia, and intends to roll out additional clinics in Europe, Asia and Australia either on its own or in partnership with leading health industry participants in those locations.

The original MHS Clinic was established in Baldivis in 2012, and remains MHS’s primary research and testing site globally.


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Metabolic Measurement

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Individualised Programs

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Tailored Nutrition - Real Food

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Personalised Activity Programs

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Experienced Health Professionals

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Evidence Based

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