Can MHS Help You?

The following questionnaire has been developed by our physiologists and medical practitioners to identify clients that could benefit from our MHS programs.*

  • 1 Are you told that you sleep loudly?
  • 2 Do you experience cravings for sweet foods?
  • 3 Do you experience stomach bloating or indigestion?
  • 4 Do you feel sleepy after eating a main meal?
  • 5 Do you find it difficult to lose weight?
  • 6 Do you regain weight quickly?
  • 7 Do you find it difficult to sleep soundly?
  • 8 Do you forget things easily?
  • 9 Do you have cold hands or feet?
  • 10 Do you lack motivation to exercise on most days?
  • 11 Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired?
  • 12 Do you yawn after eating a main meal?
  • 13 Reason for completing questionnaire?
  • Please submit your questionnaire

  • Details are required to enable one of our qualified practitioners to review and notify you of your results