About MHS

MHS is a health solutions company that has developed technology and applied systems that measures, monitors and manages metabolic health.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, MHS is run by an experienced global management team and is proud to have customers across Australia, Europe and Asia.

MHS programs are focused on the measurement, monitoring and management of a patient’s metabolic health. To do this, MHS created ECAL, the world’s first portable metabolic monitor designed for clinical practice. Designed and developed by MHS in Australia, ECAL is licensed for use by primary care, specialist medical practitioners and university departments around the world.

MHS Clinics offer clinical weight loss programs that combine ECAL technology with protocols for analysing these results by MHS’s own in-house clinical experts, to deliver a personalised nutrition and activity plan direct to patients.

MHS will offer global access to their systems through MHS ENABLE. This disruptive mHealth platform, integrates the MHS Clinic know-how and ECAL technology into a seamless platform that connects the practitioner with the patient and MHS. The practitioner will for the first time have the opportunity to provide individualised, care for patients, by utilising accurate measurement of metabolic rate and body composition, energy use and hormone status and real-time monitoring of weight and metabolic health.

The patient will have access to their own metabolic data, personalised meal and exercise plans and live feedback. The measurement, intervention, validation and support are critical for long-term weight management and missing from current clinical and retail protocols. Although Weight Loss will be the first competency developed by MHS, plans are already underway to develop specific solutions for Healthy Ageing, Diabetes and Performance.

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The Global Obesity Problem

Roughly 600 million adults are now obese, which is double 1980 levels, with another 1 billion adults who are classified as overweight. Even among the young obesity is increasing, with 43 million pre-school children overweight or obese in 2010. If nothing is done to reverse this epidemic, more than 2 billion adults will be obese by 2030.

Obesity significantly increases the risk of other diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, as well as premature mortality. For type 2 diabetes alone, the number of people afflicted worldwide will double in 2020 from the 2012 levels of 500 million persons.

MHS Clinics offer clinical weight loss programs that combine ECAL technology with protocols for analysing these results by MHS’s own in-house clinical experts, to deliver a personalised nutrition and activity plan direct to patients.

Undoubtedly, the world market for clinical weight loss is significant, forecast to reach about USD $2 trillion in 2016. Consumer spending on weight management product and services is expected to reach more than USD $1.4 trillion by 2018 from USD $600 billion currently. Based on today’s market size for weight management, MHS’s addressable market is greater than USD $205 billion.

5% of global deaths due to obesity

The market potential for MHS’s solutions

This growing problem has highlighted an urgent need for programs based on personalised metabolic information and analysis. Current weight management programs largely fail in the long term, even if successful in the short term, because they rely on data which does not consider individual variations in metabolic efficiency, body composition, hormone function and physical activity levels. This results in patients following diet and exercise routines that do not meet their specific metabolic needs, and consequently failing to achieve the desired results.

There will be many factors that determine an individual’s optimal program, including their current energy profile, whether they are seeking to lose weight and improve their overall health, or are simply trying to increase their energy levels.

Given that an obese person incurs 50-100% higher health expenditure than a person of normal weight in any given year, there is an increasing focus on the medicalisation of obesity and direct interest and involvement from governments.

The global market is seeking a simple result; a universal weight management system that is easy to implement, effective and relatively low cost. If this doesn't happen global health budgets will be skewed disproportionately to obesity related chronic disease management.


We believe that MHS can have a significant global impact at all levels within the weight loss industry from primary care providers through to institutional, corporate and public health services.

Current customers, partners and associates

ECAL is trusted by health professionals in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines. Customers of the ECAL device include universities, major hospitals and bariatric surgeons, as well as elite sports groups including the English Institute of Sport.

Some early ECAL customers include


For Investors

To date, MHS's founders have focused on R&D, the development of a global presence for the MHS business, and the establishment of the two MHS Clinics in Perth, Western Australia.

MHS is now seeking investment for commercial activities including market development, IP advancement, and a large-scale manufacturing program, prior to early listing considerations.

Can MHS help you?

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