Cancellations and Refund Policy


MHS is a Clinical Weight Management Program, staffed by health professionals committed to providing the best advice and care to our clients. We make your health a priority and believe that you should too – putting your appointment above other matters so that you can improve your health and enjoy life.

MHS clinics provide two types of services; Testing programs and Managed Care programs, which are exclusive to MHS and licensed partners. Each service comprises specific metabolic testing and may also include specialist advice in nutrition and activity programming.


The purpose of this policy is to inform MHS clients of the outcome for cancelling or rescheduling appointments/managed care services. Our refund policy is also outlined.


This policy applies to MHS clients booking testing and managed care services and includes appointments which are cancelled and appointments which are rescheduled. It applies to all clients irrespective of their method of funding (e.g. Medicare, private).

We want to be available for your needs and the needs of all our patients. When a patient does not show for a scheduled appointment, another patient loses an opportunity to be seen. For these reasons we respectfully ask if a client cannot keep an appointment with us, that notice is given as soon as possible directly to the client’s practitioner in person or via phone call or email. We require at least 24 hours’ notice prior to your appointment.

Cancellation and rescheduling prior to commencement of service

A $50 deposit is required to secure an initial appt, with the remaining balance to be paid in full the day of your appointment. If a client wishes to cancel before commencing the first visit, this will be retained.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given to reschedule your initial appt, except in the case of serious illness or other extenuating circumstances. If this is not adhered to the $50 deposit will be retained. 

If there is no notification of cancellation prior to the first appointment date, the service will be deemed to have commenced and fees will be required to be paid in full. 

Notice must be given by the client or client’s parent/guardian directly to the practitioner in person or via phone call or email.

MHS will always try to accommodate a rescheduling of the appointment, however a preferred time or date cannot be guaranteed.

Cancellation and rescheduling of individual appointments

Providing at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment helps us to keep your session costs down, maximises our availability to clients and minimises lost clinical time. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled without 24 hours notice will incur a $50.00 fee which you must pay prior to your next scheduled appointment.

It is important to note that Third Party funders do not pay late cancellation or missed appointment fees. These are your responsibility even if your treatment is normally funded by a Third Party.

If you provide us with a contact number or email address, a reminder message will be sent before your appointment. This is a courtesy reminder only but may ask you to confirm attendance. If for any reason you did not receive a reminder message and missed your appointment you will still need to pay the late missed appointment fee. If ever in doubt please feel free to telephone to confirm an appointment.

Notice must be given by the client or client’s parent/guardian directly to the practitioner in person or via phone call or email.

MHS will always try to accommodate a rescheduling of the appointment, however a preferred time or date cannot be guaranteed.

Refund Policy after the Service has Commenced

Any request for a refund of payments for services or goods provided by MHS needs to be in writing. This request can be received by letter, facsimile, or email. The request for a refund will be reviewed against any contractual agreements or term and conditions of service that may be applicable.

MHS will provide a refund in the following circumstances:

  • An error has been made by MHS.
  • The Product and Services do not match what you were shown at the time of purchase.

MHS will not provide a refund in the following circumstances:

  • A customer, member, client changes their mind.
  • A customer, member, client decides later that they can't afford the product or service they have purchased.
  • A customer, member, client finds alternative product or services at a more competitive price.
  • A customer, member, client has chosen what they believe to be an incorrect product or service.

These terms have been developed in conjunction with the Australian Competition and Consumer guidelines. For more information please visit the ACCC site below.

Late or missed appointments

Clients arriving late to an appointment, but within their appointed time slot may receive a shorter consultation in an effort not to inconvenience other clients. Please note you will need to pay the full amount in these circumstances, however your insurance rebate (if any) may be reduced.

Clients who arrive after or miss their appointment completely will be charged full consultation fees.

Contact us

Should you have any questions or concerns about our cancellation policy, please contact us.