Know Your Numbers

Your health is worth more than guesswork.

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Is your metabolism fast or slow?

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Are you using or storing fat?

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Are you gaining or losing muscle?

Can you answer these important questions?

M3 from MHS can!

Baldivis: 9523 0523 - Nedlands: 6382 0392

Testing and consultation $165 - No lock-in contracts - Health rebates available

About M3

An M3 test accurately measures your metabolism through your breathing to provide you with key data to end the guesswork and frustration, enabling you to take control of your weight, health and performance.

"The exact help and understanding I needed." Eliza

Our accredited health practitioners use medical grade technology previously only available to elite athletes and researchers to help you to understand your unique metabolic fingerprint.

Getting the results you deserve begins with your metabolism. Book your M3 test today!

What's included?

  • Accurate metabolism test
    • Discover your true resting metabolic rate
    • Find out if you are burning primarily fat or glucose
  • Body composition test
    • Discover your muscle mass and fat mass percentages
  • In-depth consultion
    • Your results are assessed in conjunction with your history to provide personalised lifestyle recommendations so that you can optimise your metabolic health
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Can we help with your health journey?

Since 2014 we have helped more than 1200 Western Australians lose weight and recapture their health with our world first metabolic health program - MHS Advanced.

This 12-16 week program is designed not just to help you lose weight, but to reduce the burden of chronic diseases like diabetes, fatty liver, sleep and fertility disorders. Find out more about the MHS Advanced program here.

To understand why 74% of MHS Advanced clients keep their weight off long-term, read some of their stories here.